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Broadway Architects Design Philosophy

Look deep into nature and you will understand everything. (Albert Einstein)

For three decades, Broadway Architects (Rob Sieniuc + Associates) based in Vancouver, BC has provided sustainable environmental design as part of standard architecture and eco community planning services. Our green buildings and low impact master concept plans attain distinct identities that are drawn from specific cultural, geographic and environmental contexts.

Broadway Architects interdisciplinary and participatory design approach is ecologically and community based. It reinforces timeless inter connections between the sun, earth and the primary elements - essential in creating "living, restorative architecture".

Often, our projects are metaphors for the forces in nature that inspired them. Government House (Läla or Butterfly) in Mayo, Yukon spreads its wings to capture the sun. The Loon Lagoon Pool & Recreation Centre at Manning Park, British Columbia pays homage to a magnificent local bird and its "call of the wild", The Spiritual Healing Garden at Seabird Island is a focal point of a government sponsored sustainable demonstration project: Its design acknowledges and demarcates the four sacred cardinal directions and the arc of the sun as does the Health and Social Healing Centre and the LSCFN Daycare, which both also respond to the cold, northern Canadian climate.

Our single family homes including the Wave, Creek, Woodlands and Rainforest residences bear witness to the particular place and environmental circumstance of their namesakes.

Sustainability is the underlying principle of Broadway Architects’s environmental design based philosophy.

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Broadway Architects (Vancouver, BC) specialize in sustainable environmental design - green architecture and sustainable community planning. Our ecologically based architecture and environmentally designed planning projects are diverse: commercial, recreational, residential and eco planning projects for communities, government, green resorts, First Nations and the private sector throughout Western and Northern Canada.