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District Shared Energy (Sun, Earth, Air, Water)
Geo-exchange, Shared Energy & Utility Services, Earthtubes
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Broadway Architects are long term practioneers in the field of sustainable environmental design. We have been at the forefront in several ecologically based design areas.  Our innovative projects include:
  • Early applications small scale wind generation in Alberta & BC - first such generators allowed to be tied to the grid in BC
  • Application of geo-exchange - Manning Park Resort, Seabird Island, FNNND, LSCFN
  • Northern Canada's first small scale District Energy & Utility Sharing Systems (FNNND Mayo, Yukon  & LSCFN, Carmacks)
  • Use of Earth Tubes (low tech geo-exchange)  for pre-heating & pre-cooling in numerous residential (Seabird multi-family) and commerical applications including LSCFN Daycare, Health Social Healing Center, Government House, Mayo
  • Passive solar systems including solar roofs, air floors, and auxillary use of green houses for heating and growing
  • Super green building envelopes - R32-R60 walls, R60-R80 Roofs, Triple and Quad Windows

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