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"Sustainability requires a balance in the environmental & social realms—achieved through comprehensive interdisciplinary planning."                                      ~  Rob Sieniuc

Rob Sieniuc
Master of Environmental Design (Architecture), BA (Phil)
Member of Architectural Institute of BC (AIBC)

Rob Sieniuc is the founding principal of Broadway Architects. Rob has  years of environmental design experience on a diverse range of  green architecture and eco planning projects throughout Western and Northern Canada.  Broadway Architects are long term practitioners in green projects that incorporate energy efficient, sustainable development strategies. For 4 decades, Rob and his firm have been promoting an Environmental Design philosophy based on ECOlibrium restorative principles.  Several of his firm's projects have become landmarks in their respective communities—and a number of his master plans won awards including the community plans for Edgemont in Calgary and the Rosedale/Cloverdale communities in Edmonton.

Rob is an early pioneer in the growing field of environmental design. Since the seventies, he has been at the forefront in several research and ecological based design areas.  His master's thesis (1981) was an energy efficient, eco village plan for Olds College—at the time the first of its kind in Western Canada.  He is actively involved in teaching communities about environmentally responsive development and the benefits of energy efficiency and super green building.  A number of his projects have been featured in print and in film (Seabird, Government House, Cascadia).  Rob was honoured to contribute to “Cascadia: The Life and Breath of the World” an anthology of environmental writing—by some of the most distinguished writers and activists in the environmental field. Most recently he participated in the documentary film "Cascadia: The Life and Breath of the World" based on the Cascadia book.

Bernardo Prieto
B Arch (University Santiago)

Bernardo Prieto has extensive experience in a wide range of green architectural and sustainable eco planning projects ranging from resort to government and housing projects. As an experienced senior designer, he also oversees the design and contract document phases of all the firm's planning and architectural projects.  Bernardo is an experienced community planner — as a seasoned environmental designer and planner, Bernardo brings valuable depth to our interdisciplinary team.

Past projects include: