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Sustainable Community Demonstration
(Sun, Earth,Wind,Water) Seabird Island, BC 2002-04In A Sacred Way We Build
The Seabird Island First Nation Sustainable Community Demonstration Project is an innovative approach to the planning, design, & construction of community developments.
Self built by the community, this environmentally designed housing development is based on Healthy & Flex Housing™ (CMHC), green building, and sustainable planning concepts. The homes are designed to benefit from solar, wind & earth energy and minimize use of water.

Some of the features demonstrated include: a solar roof, wind generators, low tec type of geo-thermal heating/cooling extraction to supplement conventional heating, heat recycling, radiant hydronic floors, fan coil heat, water efficient plumbing, the use of healthy building materials, and an application of the integrated design process to residential projects. References to traditional vernacular, and sacred geometry are embodied in the design and detailing. They include use of indigenous materials, recycled old growth cedar logs, cedar siding, river rock, artworks and a colour palette based onthe four elements (earth, air, fire, water).

"In A Sacred Way We Build" Movie

Order the Documentary(Omni Films / Anthony Perzel, Director)

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