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Manning Park Lodge Hotel (Eagle's Nest)
Manning Park Resort, Manning Park, BC (2004-2005)
Manning Park Lodge is a 41 room hotel. This major addition and renovation resulted in the upgrading and expansion of the guest rooms, adding "accessible" rooms and washrooms, and public areas, as well as providing a new entry, lobby, front desk, conference rooms and resort office administration offices.

The sustainable environmental design concept for the Manning Park Lodge is reminiscent of traditional eco mountain resort vernacular. Use of indigenous, durable materials including cedar, fir log posts and exposed beams, rock walls are important design elements. Artwork has been incorporated into the structural detailing with animals from the area highlighted to mark the entry and main lobby. Manning Park Resort has been acknowledged for its stewardship approach towards sustainable development. It is recognized by the  Government as a “model ” for future green eco resorts in Provincial Parks.