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Edgemont Community Plan (Nose Hill)
City of Calgary Urban Planning Competition 1982If_you_dont_scale_the_hill_cant__see_the_plain
Our community master plan for the Edgemont neighbourhood in Calgary together with our housing & community facility building design concepts, won first and second place awards in this Urban Planning & Housing Competition. The plan optimizes views & solar orientation on a sloping site. Several collection ponds were designed as a community feature to collect run off water & as a site amenity.

The design concept called for a ring road system, freeing the land for pedestrian traffic, the introduction of bicycle paths, provision of major open space and environmental reserves, introduction of community garden plots, on site storm water collection and filtration, the use of energy conservation strategies and provision for home based business. Cluster housing was proposed for this "living and working" community rather than typical single family lots - resulting in more green space and community areas. The design concept for Edgemont was one of western Canada's very early "low impact" sustainable based community plans. (with Jack Long, Rob Sieniuc, Eric de Ridder, Richard Sordi)