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S7ístken Services Centre  (Earth Lodge)
Lillooet, British Columbia (1993-2000)
Every day is Earth Day.
The S7ístken Community Services Centre is a self build administration building which used local community talent in the construction process. The project name, "S7ístken" (eesh-kin) is a reference to the great earth lodges (pithouses) of the past. The facility provides  accommodation for a mix of community services including: health & welfare, land & fishery management, housing, & general administrative services. It is the first community project in Western Canada using locally harvested "beetle damaged" wood. All logs were harvested from the community's own wood lot.The design recalls elements of traditional vernacular. S7ístken are one of the oldest means of shelter in the western hemisphere and one of North America’s first environmental based structures. References to S7istken technologies incorporated in the overall design and structure include:

  • Traditional roof form and structure in the Council Hall
  • Indigenous materials - locally harvested logs, shale, cedar
  • Selection of colour palette from local environment
  • Roof structure relates to traditional cosmologies - main log rafters correspond to the four cardinal directions
  • Energy efficient design