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Hal’aw Townhouses (Golden Eagle)
Cayoose Creek, Lillooet, British Columbia (1990-1992

Hal'aw (Golden Eagle) multi-family housing accommodates a mix of residents including disabled, elders, and families. The design responds to the hot, dry climate of the Lillooet region and the S7istkn cultural traditions of the Cayoose Creek "
Sek'wel'wás" community. The design concept recalls traditional "S7istken" (pithouse) vernacular. References incorporated in the overall design, structure and detailing of the Centre include:
  • Indigenous materials - local logs, shale
  • Selection of colour palette from local environment reflects the 4 elements - earth, air, fire, water
  • Expression of roof structure relates to traditional cosmologies - main log rafters correspond to the 4 cardinal directions
  • Sustainable, green design elements include: energy efficient design, use of verandas and large overhangs for protection from the hot summer sun, accessible units

A self construction process was employed. Local materials and resources were utilized. All logs were harvested and prepared by the community from their own wood lot.