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Pinewoods Inn (Mother Bear )
Bear's Den Lounge
Manning Park Resort, Manning Provincial Park (1994-1996)
Pinewoods Inn was the first project in a long term  building program to provide Manning Park Resort guests new green resort facilities with a distinct, cohesive identity. This 18,000 sf  guest services facility accommodates: a 100 seat  restaurant, a 75 seat dining room, a 80 seat lounge, a 1,500 sf country store, a  bistro & outdoor eating area, and conference rooms.
The intent was to produce an indigenous, eco based building sympathetic to the natural setting to set the tone for new buildings and upgrading of the existing facilities.

The environmental design for Pinewoods Inn is reminiscent of traditional mountain vernacular. Use of indigenous, durable materials including cedar, fir logs, rock and earth based accent colours are important elements. Artwork has been incorporated into the structural detailing with animals of the area highlighted to mark each building. Mother bear & cubs is a design metaphor for Pinewoods Inn. The lounge is named after the Grizzly which is common to the area.