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Takhini Interpretive Centre (yaT’âyí  hínı /Warm Waters)
Whitehorse, Yukon (2006- 2007)
Towards An Eco Village Resort Community
The natural hot springs are the foundation of this resort. The proposed Interpretive Centre will be located at the springs source, a natural crater-like landform. The new facility will be the focus of educational and interpretive programs for the eco based community.

The Takhini Hot Springs Interpretive Centre is envisioned as a "bridge" floating over the hot springs earth crator, to minimize on-site impacts. It symbolically links to the past with displays interpreting the geology and history of the area. A pair of large timber trusses, reminiscent of historic wood trestle bridges, span the hot spring source and form the structural supporting system.

The resort is blessed with having the hot spring not only for its recreational, therapeutic value but also as a sustainable geothermal source for heating buildings. The Interpretative Centre will be entirely self sufficient (net zero energy use). The energy efficient systems employed will also be highlighted as a key component of the interpretive program - to promote and establish the Takhini Hot Spring Resort as one of Canada's first "Fossil Fuel Free Zones".