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Spiritual Ecology / Sacred Geometry          (ECOlibriumEnvironmental Design)make-a-round-circle-15-f
Since earliest times, cultures around the world have revered & expressed humanity's interrelationship with the cosmos to create living architecture. Invoking sacred geometry is a tangible way to reflect the order & structure of the universe.
There is an ecological truth - a sacredness native to every place on earth. By synchronizing  built environments with the energies of the universe, the ancients sought renewal and balance - ECOlibrium. Aligning architecture to the sun, moon and seasons harmonizes the rhythms of our lives with the cycles of nature.One of the most common shapes found in the natural world is the circle, from which all other geometric forms can be determined. Over the ages, the circle, as well as certain ratios and numerals, such as the number four, have been sacrosanct. Four represents the 4 cardinal directions, the 4 seasons, & the 4 primary elements (earth, air, fire, water) - that allows life to exist on our planet. The circle is a symbol of renewal, never ending and ever changing - the wheel of life. Through sustainable environmental design, we can rediscover these important ecological interconnections & return to a more restorative, vibrant living architecture.

Rob Sieniuc, Broadway Architects