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30 Years of Environmental Design

Environmental Design starts with the land and embraces the local community.
For three decades, Broadway Architects (as eco planners & green architects) have worked closely with communities to create designs and guidelines for environmentally responsive development. The Seabird Island Sustainable Community Demonstration Project, sponsored by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, and Natural Resources Canada is one of the first of its kind in Canada. It illustrates our continued dedication to improved housing. The film "In A Sacred Way We Build", produced by Omni Productions, documents the extraordinary community planning, integrated design and green building processes employed at Seabird Island.

We have created many sustainable based Master Concept Plans (complete with architectural and environmental guidelines) for resorts, communities and governments to sensitively shape growth. Our work for Manning Park Resort is acknowledged for its stewardship approach. The resort is recognized as a “model” for future development in Provincial Parks. The Manning Park Loon Lagoon Pool is one of BC's early geo thermally heated Recreation Centres. It is also one of the first commercial buildings in British Columbia to incorporate locally harvested “pine beetle”  damaged wood.

Broadway Architects have worked on many innovative energy efficient projects in Canada’s North, where the effects of global warming and high energy prices are pronounced. Several of these projects including a Master Concept Plan for an Eco-Village Resort, a Government House administration facility, a Cultural Heritage Centre, a Healing Centre, a Daycare Centre and an ecologically based Community Plan for the expansion of an existing community, employ district energy & utility sharing systems including geo-exchange, passive solar and other sustainable based design strategies. The Hot Springs Resort is targeted to become one of Canada’s first fossil fuel free zones.

We are actively teaching communities about ecologically responsible development and the benefits of community self construction. We have participated as keynote speakers and workshop leaders at the Globe Environmental Conference, several Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation (CMHC) and other government sponsored workshops.

Broadway Architects are available to assist your community. Contact us for details about retaining our interdisciplinary team to lead or participate in a sustainable community planning workshop in your area.

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